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Size: 83 inches long with Large Silver Rings
Fabric Content: 100% Cotton
Width: 28 inches (71.12cm)
Suitable for newborns until toddlerhood
Machine Washable
Other: Fabric is gathered at the shoulders

Type of Carrier: Teal Green Celadon Ring Sling (Hand Woven)

Brand: Soul Slings
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/soulslings/
Instagram: @soulslings
Website: http://www.soulslings.com/

Wearer: Mommy Kat – Medium Built; 5’6 tall

Baby: Azuri – 8mos, 7kg; leaner, seat popper

Todder: Liane – 2y. 9mo; 13kg

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First Impression:

This is the 2nd of two Soul Slings RS that I got to test – 2 slings, different blends, different types, both Soul and I just can’t help but share my excitement about our ring slingin’ experience with them. Here goes:

The design looks appealing in a casual and laid back kind of way with its refreshing green color. It’s the kind I’d wear going to the park, mall, grocery, playdates. It’s relaxing and simple and exudes the aura or peace and playfulness.


Upon threading it, I noticed that although I am not one of the first few testers to try this, this sling needed more breaking in. There was still some crunch and stiffness which was alright. It just needs more love and more uppies. Just like its Soul Slings sister, Coal Chambray, I personally love the convenience a ring sling brings. Compact, lightweight, versatile—Ring sling, being my baby wearing first love and you never forget your first love. I have not been excited for quite a while about ring slinging since my oldest is quite heavy already and my locally sourced ring slings are not handwoven from which I got some shoulder discomfort from prolonged wear.

Surprisingly, but as expected baby wearing in Celadon RS was a nice, refreshing experience for me. I am so happy that my ring slingin’ days are not over because of my picky shoulder. Although needing more breaking in, Celadon is grippy and has great support even for my toddler. My little one loved being in whether in front or on my back. I love how the gathered shoulder looks when worn. Its design and color are simple yet classy, lively and fresh.

This is well recommended for families who like to share carriers, for quick uppies, for small babies and even toddlers. Basically, this carrier is one that grows with you throughout your baby wearing days.



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