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Size: 83 inches long with Large Silver Rings
Blend: Cotton Linen
Width: 28 inches (71.12cm)
Suitable for newborns until toddlerhood
Machine Washable
Other: Fabric is gathered at the shoulders

Type of Carrier: Coal Chambray Ring Sling Double Layer
Brand: Soul Slings
Website: https://web.facebook.com/soulslings/
Instagram: @soulslings
Website: http://www.soulslings.com/

Wearer: Mommy Kat – Medium Built; 5’6 tall

Baby: Azuri – 8mos, 7kg; leaner, seat popper

Todder: Liane – 2y. 9mo; 13kg

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First Impression:

I got in the list of not one but 2 Soul Slings ring sling testers – hurray! I most definitely looked forward to this since my baby wearing first love is with the ring sling and I love how simple and basic the concept of it is. See, wearing a baby on a ring sling looks easy; like that is where a baby definitely should be. Snug, close and high on momma’s chest, near her heart. But wait, there’s more! I cannot hide my excitement because this one is a double layer ring sling. I was curious as my toddler is just getting so big so fast and she really still loves being carried so I found myself preferring ssc’s and missing my ring slings.


I just love how simple and well thought this ring sling is. Like the maker put herself in the shoes of every ring slingin’ baby wearer and conceptualized it to fit every age and every stage and every season. The big rings make threading the sling easy, the colors are neutral and reversible and easy to pair with clothing and definitely daddy approved.

Baby wearing two children in this carrier is pure bliss. I like the convenience a ring sling brings. It is light weight, compact, can double as a scarf, blanket or mat and I can nurse discretely and overall look pretty. The ring sling to me is my preferred carrier whenever I like to look dainty and all out feminine. My babies liked being in this carrier; it is airy, comfy, wide enough to make a deep seat and hug my toddler up to her nape. For the most part, my experience with the Coal Chambray Double Layer RS was pleasant. However, during prolonged baby wearing my older daughter, I experienced discomfort which I think is because of my picky shoulder even though the fabric was spread widely on my back and capped well on my shoulder.

Definitely well recommended for those looking for a sling to share and a carrier that grows with baby!


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