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REVIEW: QB Collection Half Conversion SSC (Red Rainbow Kulibangbang)

REVIEW: QB Collection Half Conversion SSC (Red Rainbow Kulibangbang)

Baby: Azuri, 14mos, leaner, seat popper
Wearer: Mommy Kat, 5’6 tall, medium built momma

Type of Carrier: Half Conversion SSC
Brand: Quality Brand

Website: http://www.facebook.com/QBCollection/
Size: Standard
Fabric Content: Cotton/Polyester Blend
Suitable for newborn? Yes (toddler size also available)
Wash&care: Handwash/Machine Washable
Type of Carries done: front and back carries
Local Retailers/Distributors: Quality Brand – QB Collection

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I am an SSC Momma and I love the convenience and support Soft Structured Carriers bring to moms like me who are always on the go and babywear for lengths of time. My babies literally grew in the carrier as babywearing is ingrained deeply in our daily lives. My children have been babyworn from birth and napping and being babyworn 8-10hours every day is not new to them. If I am not the one babywearing, it is my baby’s yaya babywearing her/them while also doing house chores.

My first impression was optimistic. The colors of Kulibangbang were a delight and pleasing to the eye and I love how traditional and native the design is. The parallel design on the panel actually makes the wearer look tall and slim. What made me proud though was that this is a local, Philippine made carrier. It made me excited to have a go with it.

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The first person to try this on was Ate Hannie, Azuri’s caregiver. She has been babywearing Azuri since she was 3wks old and has had a go on our SSC’s and her comment was that the other SSC’s are more breathable and that the buckles were “difficult” to adjust which made me curious since upon inspection during its arrival, the buckles looked pretty much like the SSC’s we were used to and this was a Half Conversion.

Upon trying it on myself, I found there to be some crunch on it and it still needs a lot of breaking in even though I am on the last ones listed on the testing roster for this carrier. So we had a go on it, walking in the morning for Azuri’s morning sun and throughout the morning while doing some chores at home. I wore her on my front and then on my back. I find the straps and the waist belt to be a bit stiff which poked a bit on my ribs as I like to wear my baby high. There was also a bit of discomfort when I had to bend and sit down on a low chair. Upon adjusting straps, I realized that the reason why it was quite challenging to adjust was because I am used to my other SSC’s wherein to relax the shoulder straps, you pull up from under with forefinger while with QB I had to use my thumb and pull it up from above. It wasn’t difficult, really. It was just different like right hand driving. I also noticed that with my other SSC’s, the waist buckle is either partial to the right or at the center of my back while with QB, it was on the left which made me think that this could be a left handed person’s carrier. While wearing my baby in front, I noticed that the chest belt was quite high towards my nape and I could not adjust it further towards the center of my shoulder blades. This carrier is also quite narrow so my husband who is 6ft and has a wide torso and broad shoulders could not wear this comfortably.

Further, during prolonged babywearing, I felt some soreness on my shoulders, waist and hips; perhaps I still need to find my sweet spot with QB but also maybe because this carrier has not been broken in quite yet. As for breathability, as this is a half conversion, we also found babywearing in it quite hot towards late morning to noon time; maybe it would be different if this were a full wrap conversion or perhaps if QB could consider reinforcing the the panel with a more breathable fabric backing.


Things to love though about this SSC:

  • Design
  • If you are looking to babywear on a budget
  • The loops on the shoulder straps where you can snap on a toy and not have worry about it getting lost
  • Generous pocket in front where you can put small stuff – keys, hood, burp cloth, etc.
  • Detachable hood with reach straps
  • PFA

Overall, I think this is a decent carrier if you are looking for an affordable SSC. Its webbings and buckles are reinforced and safety tested and it promotes the proper position for baby. This is good for short wearing as well as for more petite, small structured babywearers. It is also available locally and is in stock. I guess it has a lot of room for improvement and I commend QB Collection for being open to suggestions on developing this product.




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