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Warp: 8/2 cotton
Weft: 8/2 space dye

Blend: 100% cotton, handwoven
Weave: Judie E. Heart and diamond weave
Length: 4.5m (Roughly a Size 6)
Gsm: 300

323 306

FB Page: Fiolia Handwovens, LLC
Chatter Page: Fiolia Handwovens Tester and Chatter Page
Owner and weaver: Ardhyarini Hermawan

Wearer: Mommy Kat – Medium Built; 5’6 tall

Baby: Azuri – 8mos, 7kg; leaner, seat popper

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First Impression

From the point of view of an avid baby wearer whose wrap experience is quite limited to local handwoven wraps; my curiosity for this one is over the moon. Really… hearts? I was so excited to hold this wrap; this wrap officially changed my impression that heaver gsm equals thick, hot, not suited for Philippine weather – all these got thrown out the window and I was so convicted and was so wrong that I just loved it even more.


This wrap has all the qualities of a carrier that “grows” with you. Its size is versatile and allows the wearer to do lots of carrying styles and finishes and it can also be shared by family members; its wrapping qualities are superb: it’s soft and moldable, it’s supportive and cushy, it’s breathable, it glides well during passes and is easy to maneuver even for newbies and most importantly it is forgiving. This is just one of those wraps that will not give you shoulder and body pain during prolonged babywearing even with a sloppy wrap job.

During one of those nights that my teething baby is cranky, I wrap her up with my best efforts. The seat popper and leaner that she is, she will try to fight her sleepiness. Once she is in, she submits to slumber. I love how she feels so secure and close to me and even though I know I hurriedly wrapped her, she felt snug and safe and slept like a baby.

The best part is it is easy to maintain fit for daily use and it is beautiful and elegant for special occasions. I used this during my Grandma’s 82nd birthday and got compliments. While wearing my baby throughout the evening, she was quiet, content and dozed off as it got late while I was hands-free, comfortable and wore my baby on my shoulders near my chest with pride. Its colors are vibrant without being loud and its weave allowed it to be breathable. Fiolia definitely has found the perfect balance with the science and art of creating a supportive, fairly low maintenance, beautiful wrap. Garden of Eden is definitely a masterpiece.

I wish I could keep this. Own one of these. I guess I just have to thank my lucky stars I was able to experience it. Fiolia is Love.

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