10 Jan

A Review on Almitra Tattva Nilopala Woven Wrap s6


Baby: 7mos, 7kgs
Wearer: Height – 5’6.5”/ Weight 55kgs / Medium Body build

Type of Carrier: Nilopala Woven Wrap
Brand: Almitra Tattva
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Almitra-Tattva-Babywearing-Art-Studio-796969637008553/?fref=ts
Authorized Local Retailers/Distributors: (Coming Soon)
Size: 6
Fabric Content: 100% Cotton
Type of weave:
Surface Weight: 210gsm
Suitable for small babies
STRICTLY Handwash Only
Type of carries done: FWCC, FCC, Reinforced Kangaroo, FRTR


The moment I opened the package, two pouches were in it and one of them was a blue and black pouch which matched its wrap. It made my heart skip a beat because my daughter’s name is Azuri, which means blue, which is also my favorite color. I could imagine in my mind the outfits to match this wrap with.


This is a classic. The vines and the shade of blue are appealing in a simple, understated kind way. Indeed, less is more.


Nilopala by Almitra Tattva upclose





This wrap is soft out of the pouch. The weave is loose and the wrap is perfect for the Philippine weather where it is almost always hot and humid. I could wrap my little girl with this even with multiple passes. This wrap, however, like the previous Almitra Tattva wrap is delicate and prone to pulls and snags which is why we had to be extra careful with her.


Taal lake at the backgroup with babywearing mommy friends



This is a lightweight wrap and as expected, it is not as supportive or as forgiving. A bad wrap job will result to achy shoulders or a popped seat. I find that I have to make sure I tighten strand by strand by stand and make sure my baby is snug as a bug otherwise she likes to lean or straighten her legs. This beauty is soft and smooth and even silky. It literally glides when I make passes but it has zero grip thus is definitely not for beginners. My mom, who has no prior experience to wrapping was in town while this tester wrap was with me and she was inlove with its design and insisted to try wearing my little girl in her. It sure looked really beautiful in photos as expected but her wrap job wasn’t too good that it wasn’t very comfortable for both wearer and baby.

In my personal opinion, this is best for small babies and definitely for very special occasions. Overall, I had a wonderful experience with Nilopala but I would not recommend it for daily use nor for prolonged wearing with toddlers.

Action shots with Mimi Sandy:

12366277_10208660896429462_6297932948109980112_n 12391926_10208660898429512_1874691652142244318_n 12391213_10208660898349510_1984028738185935247_n 12369137_10208660901789596_4876787513640410856_n 12360334_10208660898869523_835340177118985765_n 12347940_10208660902429612_3528156992958380749_n


10 Dec

SkinCare Matters & Breastmilk

SkinCare Matters & Breastmilk: The Most Natural and Economical Way!

What’s your skincare regimen? I just finished freshening up for the night and realized that a lot of ladies like makeup, dressing up and looking nice.

With hairstyle, some ladies like to style their hair and some like to wash and wear.

With fashion, some like laid back ensembles and some like to dress up.

But what about skincare? While there are mommies who love makeup and some who simply put on some lip gloss and are all set to go out and face the world, at the end of the day, when you are about to rest, it is important for our pores to be able to breath too.

Here’s mine.

  1. After I take a shower in the morning, I put on moisturizer and sunscreen — whether I am going out or staying in.
  2. When I go out, I like to put on powder and depending on  my mood or the occasion, I put on makeup. Sometimes I just do my eyebrows, put on blush and some lipstick and other times I make an effort to do my eyes. And I’m set for the day.*** Here’s a helpful tip from Mimi (my Mom) — NEVER touch or rub your eyes. Be gentle with the skin on your face especially those around your eyes. They are the most delicate and prone to wrinkles.
  3. Before I go to bed, it is important to freshen up. Meaning, remove all makeup GENTLY. Meaning, no rubbing and very minimal pressure on your face during the process, if any. The secret is not really a secret– use makeup remover.
    1. I use Eye Makeup remover for my eye makeup. I like to use a cotton square or round and put some on it and let it soak on my eye and gently wipe off. A couple of times on this and your eye makeup and mascara is completely removed. Effortlessly.
    2. I use cleansing cream for my face. I gently massage it on my face in small circular strokes and let it work its way in cleansing off the powder, foundation, etc. that I applied earlier. Wet a cotton round with clean water and wipe off. All those muck, clean. Effortlessly. Cleansing daily means less black heads, white heads and clogged pores. *** I have applied these since I started putting on makeup and this has personally worked for me. My classmates and friends have always asked how I “maintain” my skin.***
    3. Moisturize. I moisturize in the morning and evening. This helps your skin hydrate and heal during the night.
  4. Lastly, as a nursing mom, I get full benefits of BREASTMILK! Before bedtime, each night, I wet a cotton round/square with breastmilk and apply it on my face and neck as facemask and leave it on. Sometimes overnight. Breastmilk has natural anti-oxidants, Glutathione, antibacterial and cleansing properties and the like. Try it! It serves as my all in one evening moisturizer now while it lasts. You’ll feel your skin tighten and there’s a different glow 🙂 It’s FREE too!

A healthy diet and lots and lots of water, won’t only make you feel better; your milk flows better as well. Less clogs and plugs! I don’t have a strict diet, nor do I exercise regularly. But breastfeeding two and my daily routine keeps me up and about. Mainly, I eat fish, veggies and unlimited rice. I also love sweets but make sure to not over indulge! (I just had some dark belgian chocolate cake tonight hehe.)

23 Nov


Hi Ladies! How was your weekend? Ours was action packed because the little ladies and their Mommy Kat were part of the FIRST BABYWEARING FLASH MOB in the Philippines at the Alabang Town Center organized by South PiNanays! It definitely won’t be the last. We had so much fun coming together with like-minded moms and families, dancing our hearts out wearing our babies.

12274649_1240403362641733_5977000933675084654_n (1)

Photo credit: Ingente-Valencerina Photography

If you are a South Luzon based Breastfeeding-babywearing-clothdiapering-attachmentparenting family, or even that you are a first time mom who needs support in these advocacies and would love to join in our activities, look us up on facebook: South PiNanays; and don’t forget to fill out the form!

#SouthPiNanays #SPiNflashmob #SPiNlovesbabywearing #firstinPH #SPiNHappyBabywearersClub

11998888_10153315317357075_631967422367901262_n 12240007_932754903426464_5463950094162375557_n 12243297_490685881109383_2308961488125091471_n 12243325_10153098579276924_8133470989086148539_n 12246656_490686167776021_1186644029020437777_n 12246705_10156262155370721_3145391892681085900_n 12249908_10153098634816924_5995398271719381560_n 12278147_10208090065359328_1930459855_n 12278914_932754506759837_5005510076649614654_n 12279002_10156262154840721_1333618776316193659_n 12295369_10153315311807075_348064081687214832_n 12295473_10156262154820721_1047353550647207482_n

16 Nov

A Review on Nona Wrap Imagine Blue Ice Size5


 A Review on Nona Wrap Imagine Blue Ice Size5

By Mommy Kat, Liane Girl 32mos & Zurzuri 6mos

One advocacy close to my heart is Babywearing. Babywearing and Breastfeeding come hand in hand for us especially as a busy mompreneur, this helps me to be productive while having my children close.


This review is from the perspective of a Beginner Wrap Enthusiast. Although I have been babywearing since my oldest daughter, 32mos was newborn and have experienced different carrier types and slings, it was babywearing in a wrap that I found quite challenging and felt that it would not be my thing as I am always on the go. We did have a few local wraps but I only practiced and carried my little girl in them at home up until when my youngest was born. When she was born, I then explored wrapping a little bit more. I nursed her in a wrap and brought her everywhere in one. My littlest is now 6mos old and we now enjoy wrapping so much and so does her older sister which is why it is my honor to be part of this tester group.

This wrap was quite rough and raw when I first held it. Like a cardboard in my opinion. When the first tester sent it to me though a week later, it was mildly broken in. Still kind of stiff but was already quite floppy.


DESIGN – Imagine Blue Ice is a beautiful wrap. Its color and concept is cool to the eye. It is classy and very easy to pair with clothing, as I am that kind of a person; I like to look coordinated. I also really like how versatile its design is and that it even looks appropriate in formal events and would not look out of place at a park or a dinner get together.



WEAVE – I am from the cooler part of the Philippines, Tagaytay. Generally our weather is humid and sunny but during late afternoon, I find the thickness of this wrap to be good enough that my child doesn’t mind being in it during prolonged babywearing. I have carried my youngest in it for 4 hours straight and she nursed, slept, observed around and napped again and was not fussy in it. My oldest also liked sleeping with Imagine Blue Ice. She loved making a blanket out of it.

day2 day1-2

SUPPORT- I like that it is midweight and still very supportive. I have babyworn my children in different wrap carrying positions—front, back and hip carries in it and observed that the support is superb. My 14kg girl was easy on my back and shoulders. I love the cushiness especially when it was further broken in.

day4-5 day4-4 day4-3 day4-2 day4-1

LENGTH/WIDTH – This quite shrunk a bit as expected during its first wash and was a size5. I love how versatile this size allowed us to babywear in different carrying styles and positions while having enough length for various finishes. The generous width also easily allowed me to create a deep seat especially for my toddler while allowing a high panel on her back which I personally prefer. I would also like to point out my joy with the tapered tails. They have not only made tying easier, they also made my wrapping look snappy and polished.

day3-3 day3-2 day3 day4-3

GRIP – I love how Imagine Blue Ice glides when I make my passes. It is forgiving to newbie enthusiasts like me because while it does glide, it is also grippy enough and is easy to tighten. It makes mediocre wrapping look good and feel good. I have not had body pain wearing Nona. Definitely is beginner worthy.

Overall, we loved our experience. We have further broken it in and I am sure that the next tester in line will gush about how yummy this wrap is. Thank you for the opportunity once again and hopefully, we would be given the privilege to test other Nona Wrap blends in the future.