29 Nov

Flow Holiday Tops in Action

Flow Holiday Tops in Action

It’s not a secret. Breastfeeding in public takes a lot of guts. When I was a new mom, it took a lot of courage and a huge amount of strength to whip out the boob to feed my little girl. It also limited my clothing choices because I had to consider something “easy access” to wear. My discomfort inspired me so much and propelled me to come up with the idea of Modern Mommywear in which the Flow Tops are the Mommyfide Brainchild.

My idea revolved around 3 things:

  1. Function – must work for breastfeeding
  2. Convenience – must be easy to breastfeed in, anytime, anywhere
  3. Style – this is really important to me; and I believe for every woman — to look good and to feel good and beautiful whatever she is doing and wherever she is.

Breastfeeding is beautiful. I am proud that I have journeyed 32mos into it with L girl and almost 7mos with both my girls, tandem breastfeeding them. I feel pretty wearing my Flow Holiday Tops, putting on lipstick and babywearing either or both my girls.



Some photos during my Quality Time with my little ladies. My favorite part of what I do is being able to spend Mondays with them 🙂


OOTD for our 3rd Wedding Anniversary Lunch Date 🙂 I also wore this top while pregnant. I really love Flow Holiday Tops. I personally have a bunch of them in my closet! 

Check out available designs for FHT here:

FHT Medium-XL

FHT Small-Large

and for some other FLOW Tops here:

FH Elegante

FPT Elegante

OFT Elegante

2Flow Ola Flora

2Flow Ola Flora Bloom

2Flow Pastel


23 Nov


Hi Ladies! How was your weekend? Ours was action packed because the little ladies and their Mommy Kat were part of the FIRST BABYWEARING FLASH MOB in the Philippines at the Alabang Town Center organized by South PiNanays! It definitely won’t be the last. We had so much fun coming together with like-minded moms and families, dancing our hearts out wearing our babies.

12274649_1240403362641733_5977000933675084654_n (1)

Photo credit: Ingente-Valencerina Photography

If you are a South Luzon based Breastfeeding-babywearing-clothdiapering-attachmentparenting family, or even that you are a first time mom who needs support in these advocacies and would love to join in our activities, look us up on facebook: South PiNanays; and don’t forget to fill out the form!

#SouthPiNanays #SPiNflashmob #SPiNlovesbabywearing #firstinPH #SPiNHappyBabywearersClub

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20 Nov

Pattie’s Breastfeeding Testimony

Pat is a career woman who loves to cook and bake. She is wife to Jef and a mommy to two gorgeous boys. She has been breastfeeding her eldest for the past 23mos and is currently tandem breastfeeding her boys. She is an inspiration and a beautiful example that working moms can succeed in breastfeeding exclusively.

Pattie’s Breastfeeding Testimony

pat espanillo

Mommy Pat & Baby Seb, 6wks

I could still remember the time I was introduced into the world of breastfeeding and how disappointed I felt with the lack of decent wearable bf friendly clothes that fit my age group. It made me less excited to go out with a newborn in tow for fear of having nothing to wear that would not make me look too matured or for lack of better term, “mukhang pang tanders or mukhang pang nanay”.

I joined SPiN last Jan 2014 and eagerly joined a meetup. I met Katrina Ambion at that meet up who then was in partnership with Pinay Mommy PH and about to launch her Mommyfide line.

I got excited browsing thru her bf friendly clothes that have a very discreet nursing access. I must admit I went cray-cray and almost bought one of every collection available. I was happy, I finally have something to wear that is still fashionable and easy to breastfeed with.

Mommyfide PH has definitely helped me thru my bf journey. I used Mommyfide PH clothes almost everyday at the office and it helped me save a lot of time during my limited pumping sessions. It helped me enjoy family time without worrying if the place I have to go has a bf station. With our without a bf station, I get to breastfeed my sons anytime anywhere and without getting awkward stares from people that I don’t know.

As I have done before, I would recommend Mommyfide PH to every nursing mom I meet at the pedia clinic, at the mall or just about anywhere when I see a mom struggling to open her buttons or getting awkward in breastfeeding their babies.

Thank you Mommyfide PH and thank you Katrina!



You are welcome Mommy Pat! It is our joy to see you enjoy your breastfeeding experience.

-Mommy Kat, L girl & Zurzuri

18 Nov

5 REASONS WHY Mommyfide Flow Tops are a MUST-HAVE in every breastfeeding mom’s wardrobe:

5 REASONS WHY Mommyfide Flow Tops are a MUST-HAVE in every breastfeeding mom’s wardrobe:

2f ola flora 1

  1. Ease. Easy access for baby and very easy to wear for mommy. If you babywear, you’ll know what I mean. These tops make breastfeeding in a carrier easy breezy!
  2. Style. If you’re struggling with breastfeeding outfits and find yourself weighing between functionality and style, why can’t we have both?
  3. Versatile. I swear these simple tops are It. Achieve different looks with one top. Tuck it in, let it flow—wear it with shorts, a pencil skirt, a maxi skirt, pants, slacks or jeans.
  4. Plains & Prints. It now comes in pastel colors and prettyful designs!
  5. Affordable. Looking good and feeling good while breastfeeding in public doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg!

We are a breastfeeding and babywearing family. I have 2 nurselings and I know how challenging it can be to nurse our children as first time moms, as working moms or as tandem breastfeeding moms. Whatever season you are in now in your breastfeeding journey, embrace it and enjoy it. It may seem and feel like forever but it will all be blissful memories of beautiful moments all too soon.

One with you in your breastfeeding journey,

Mommy Kat, L girl and Zurzuri

16 Nov

A Review on Nona Wrap Imagine Blue Ice Size5


 A Review on Nona Wrap Imagine Blue Ice Size5

By Mommy Kat, Liane Girl 32mos & Zurzuri 6mos

One advocacy close to my heart is Babywearing. Babywearing and Breastfeeding come hand in hand for us especially as a busy mompreneur, this helps me to be productive while having my children close.


This review is from the perspective of a Beginner Wrap Enthusiast. Although I have been babywearing since my oldest daughter, 32mos was newborn and have experienced different carrier types and slings, it was babywearing in a wrap that I found quite challenging and felt that it would not be my thing as I am always on the go. We did have a few local wraps but I only practiced and carried my little girl in them at home up until when my youngest was born. When she was born, I then explored wrapping a little bit more. I nursed her in a wrap and brought her everywhere in one. My littlest is now 6mos old and we now enjoy wrapping so much and so does her older sister which is why it is my honor to be part of this tester group.

This wrap was quite rough and raw when I first held it. Like a cardboard in my opinion. When the first tester sent it to me though a week later, it was mildly broken in. Still kind of stiff but was already quite floppy.


DESIGN – Imagine Blue Ice is a beautiful wrap. Its color and concept is cool to the eye. It is classy and very easy to pair with clothing, as I am that kind of a person; I like to look coordinated. I also really like how versatile its design is and that it even looks appropriate in formal events and would not look out of place at a park or a dinner get together.



WEAVE – I am from the cooler part of the Philippines, Tagaytay. Generally our weather is humid and sunny but during late afternoon, I find the thickness of this wrap to be good enough that my child doesn’t mind being in it during prolonged babywearing. I have carried my youngest in it for 4 hours straight and she nursed, slept, observed around and napped again and was not fussy in it. My oldest also liked sleeping with Imagine Blue Ice. She loved making a blanket out of it.

day2 day1-2

SUPPORT- I like that it is midweight and still very supportive. I have babyworn my children in different wrap carrying positions—front, back and hip carries in it and observed that the support is superb. My 14kg girl was easy on my back and shoulders. I love the cushiness especially when it was further broken in.

day4-5 day4-4 day4-3 day4-2 day4-1

LENGTH/WIDTH – This quite shrunk a bit as expected during its first wash and was a size5. I love how versatile this size allowed us to babywear in different carrying styles and positions while having enough length for various finishes. The generous width also easily allowed me to create a deep seat especially for my toddler while allowing a high panel on her back which I personally prefer. I would also like to point out my joy with the tapered tails. They have not only made tying easier, they also made my wrapping look snappy and polished.

day3-3 day3-2 day3 day4-3

GRIP – I love how Imagine Blue Ice glides when I make my passes. It is forgiving to newbie enthusiasts like me because while it does glide, it is also grippy enough and is easy to tighten. It makes mediocre wrapping look good and feel good. I have not had body pain wearing Nona. Definitely is beginner worthy.

Overall, we loved our experience. We have further broken it in and I am sure that the next tester in line will gush about how yummy this wrap is. Thank you for the opportunity once again and hopefully, we would be given the privilege to test other Nona Wrap blends in the future.