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STANDARD size (for children from the birth till 1,5-2 years):
The back is 14.5 inches (at waist) and 16 inches (at shoulder) wide; 17 inches tall without waist strap.
Each shoulder strap is 9.5 to 10.5 inches wide, and 87 inches long.
Waist strap is 3 inches wide and 69 inches long.
This model of a baby sling is made with a hood which will support the head of the sleeping kid. The hood is 11 inches wide; 7 inches tall.
Limit of weight of the child for carrying of 16,5 – 17 kg.
Your BaBy SaBye WMT comes packed compactly in a small bag.
English instructions included.


Handwash/gentle cycle machine wash (put in special bag), water temperature 20C (68F).Dyed with 100% natural organic colors without chemical processing; extra dye may bleed while washing thus not recommended to be washed with whites.

Wearer: Mommy Kat – Medium Built; 5’6 tall

Baby: Azuri – 8mos, 7kg; leaner, seat popper

Todder: Liane – 2y. 9mo; 13kg


First Impression:

Its wide shoulders – Yesss! I was rejoicing. In my mind, finally; another good make of a Mei Tai.

The straps are quite wide and thinner than the panel and the waist belt was floppy. The design is simple yet this carrier is well constructed. It is reversible and the colors are gender neutral, casual and playful. This is definitely a lightweight, breezy, organic carrier made of 100% cotton and veggie dyes. I was excited.


First my little had a turn. We had a nice time. She loves being worn and we were outdoors. The sun was shining but the breeze was nice so I knew it was an instant hit because she napped very peacefully. I like how we can make use of the straps to spread on the bum and reinforce passes for extra support.

When I was new at baby wearing, the Mei Tai fascinated and so I tried a few local brands and was not fully satisfied so I did not come to love it. Being given this opportunity to test this one opened my heart once more to the Mei Tai. I love that this is made to be Traditional and is not buckled. It also allows one to be creative with finishes with its generous length of the strap and at the same time, not overwhelmingly so that one would be intimidated of what do with the excessive length of the straps.

We did front and back carries and being lightweight did not hinder this carrier to have commendable support.

I took this out on a stroll at the City Market with my toddler on my back. It was a good one hour and I did feel some pressure on my lower back and legs after sometime but my daughter is quite heavy already and in all fairness, the passes to reinforce the panel did a lot for support which is brilliant construction with careful consideration that each part has a purpose and is maximized.

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I love this carrier. It is lightweight, compact, has two shoulder support, can be shared by family, can do fancy finishes and it’s simple to use. This definitely changed my Mei Tai impression. First impressions do last. We will certainly miss this carrier. We recommended for smaller babies.



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