10 Jan

A Review on Almitra Tattva Nilopala Woven Wrap s6


Baby: 7mos, 7kgs
Wearer: Height – 5’6.5”/ Weight 55kgs / Medium Body build

Type of Carrier: Nilopala Woven Wrap
Brand: Almitra Tattva
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Almitra-Tattva-Babywearing-Art-Studio-796969637008553/?fref=ts
Authorized Local Retailers/Distributors: (Coming Soon)
Size: 6
Fabric Content: 100% Cotton
Type of weave:
Surface Weight: 210gsm
Suitable for small babies
STRICTLY Handwash Only
Type of carries done: FWCC, FCC, Reinforced Kangaroo, FRTR


The moment I opened the package, two pouches were in it and one of them was a blue and black pouch which matched its wrap. It made my heart skip a beat because my daughter’s name is Azuri, which means blue, which is also my favorite color. I could imagine in my mind the outfits to match this wrap with.


This is a classic. The vines and the shade of blue are appealing in a simple, understated kind way. Indeed, less is more.


Nilopala by Almitra Tattva upclose





This wrap is soft out of the pouch. The weave is loose and the wrap is perfect for the Philippine weather where it is almost always hot and humid. I could wrap my little girl with this even with multiple passes. This wrap, however, like the previous Almitra Tattva wrap is delicate and prone to pulls and snags which is why we had to be extra careful with her.


Taal lake at the backgroup with babywearing mommy friends



This is a lightweight wrap and as expected, it is not as supportive or as forgiving. A bad wrap job will result to achy shoulders or a popped seat. I find that I have to make sure I tighten strand by strand by stand and make sure my baby is snug as a bug otherwise she likes to lean or straighten her legs. This beauty is soft and smooth and even silky. It literally glides when I make passes but it has zero grip thus is definitely not for beginners. My mom, who has no prior experience to wrapping was in town while this tester wrap was with me and she was inlove with its design and insisted to try wearing my little girl in her. It sure looked really beautiful in photos as expected but her wrap job wasn’t too good that it wasn’t very comfortable for both wearer and baby.

In my personal opinion, this is best for small babies and definitely for very special occasions. Overall, I had a wonderful experience with Nilopala but I would not recommend it for daily use nor for prolonged wearing with toddlers.

Action shots with Mimi Sandy:

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