12 Dec

A Review on Almitra Tattva Terra Indio WW 6


Baby: 7mos, 7kgs
Wearer: Height – 5’6.5”/ Weight 55kgs / Medium Body build

Nursingwear by Mommyfide PH

Type of Carrier: Terra Indio Woven Wrap
Brand: Almitra Tattva
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Almitra-Tattva-Babywearing-Art-Studio-796969637008553/?fref=ts
Authorized Local Retailers/Distributors: (Coming Soon)
Size: 6
Fabric Content: 100% Cotton
Surface Weight: 190gsm
Suitable for small babies
STRICTLY Handwash Only
Type of carries done: FWCC, FCC, Reinforced Kangaroo, FRTR


So a package fresh from India arrives on my doorstep and I knew it was IT. I slowly opened the package and two beautiful pouches are inside and one of them is Terra Indio. It was love at first sight and I think my heart skipped a beat because I have always dreamed of one day visiting the Taj Majal and it seemed like it came over to visit me. It also reminded me of my favorite Disney movie as a child, Aladdin; yes the Magic Carpet! There is just so much story and history on the face of this wrap, like visiting an old church or ruins and being mesmerized by the timelessness of it that although it is old, it has endured so much through the ages and has emerged even more beautiful.






This is a classic. The paisley patterns and the bejeweled elephants, its earth tones and simplicity took my breath away. This elegant wrap is definitely for special occasions. It was too special not to wear for one that I just had to wear it on my friend’s wedding and it beautifully accentuated my neutral colored dress. Of course I got compliments for it as expected.


During our dear friends Jerome & Jane’s wedding; me wearing LMM Juanita Classic Nursing dress, Terra Indio Almitra Tattva Woven Wrap in size6 and the best accessory any mom could ever wear, my youngest daughter, Zuri.




This wrap is marshmallow soft. The weave is loose and the wrap is perfect for the Philippine weather where it is almost always hot and humid. I could wrap my little girl with this even with multiple passes. Thin and airy, my 7 month old loves to be worn in here. She has nursed, slept, observed in quiet content the world around her while being worn in this wrap. I could not resist using it as a blanket, so we did.


Breastfeeding while Babywearing action shot in LMM Juanita Classic Nursing Dress


Sleepy dust at work


Just another ordinary day. Babywearing is clearly ingrained in our daily life.


Grocery 🙂


This is a lightweight wrap and as expected, it is not as supportive or as forgiving. A bad wrap job will result to achy shoulders or a popped seat. I find that I have to make sure I tighten strand by strand by stand and make sure my baby is snug as a bug otherwise she likes to lean or straighten her legs. This beauty is soft and smooth and even silky. It literally glides when I make passes but it has zero grip thus is definitely not for beginners. In my personal opinion, this is best for small babies or short wearing for toddlers. I have a 33 month old I didn’t bother wearing on Terra Indio – I was enjoying carrying my littlest with her!

Overall, I had a beautiful and bittersweet experience with Terra Indio; I really hate to send her off to her next tester. I love love love this wrap and am honored to be selected to be part of this test group.

Other Action Shots:


Beautiful Mimi 🙂 This is my mom, my daughters’ grandma who came over all the way from Cebu to visit.

terraindio8 terraindio10terraindio4


Zuri asleep in Terra Indio while we are eating icecream


10 Dec


December 10-15, 2015. Last day of shipping for December will be December 16, 2015.
Ate Hannie, my assistant who is also Zurzuri’s yaya will be taking a vacation and I will be handling 2 babies below 5 years old like a superwoman (so help me God) 🙂
For a minimum purchase of P2,500 get 20% OFF plus FREE Shipping!
Please use the coupon code: HOLIDAY20
Happy Shopping! 🙂
One with you in your breastfeeding journey,
Mommy Kat, L girl and Zurzuri
*** Orders after December 15 will be shipped out on January 7, 2016 (Thursday).
10 Dec

SkinCare Matters & Breastmilk

SkinCare Matters & Breastmilk: The Most Natural and Economical Way!

What’s your skincare regimen? I just finished freshening up for the night and realized that a lot of ladies like makeup, dressing up and looking nice.

With hairstyle, some ladies like to style their hair and some like to wash and wear.

With fashion, some like laid back ensembles and some like to dress up.

But what about skincare? While there are mommies who love makeup and some who simply put on some lip gloss and are all set to go out and face the world, at the end of the day, when you are about to rest, it is important for our pores to be able to breath too.

Here’s mine.

  1. After I take a shower in the morning, I put on moisturizer and sunscreen — whether I am going out or staying in.
  2. When I go out, I like to put on powder and depending on  my mood or the occasion, I put on makeup. Sometimes I just do my eyebrows, put on blush and some lipstick and other times I make an effort to do my eyes. And I’m set for the day.*** Here’s a helpful tip from Mimi (my Mom) — NEVER touch or rub your eyes. Be gentle with the skin on your face especially those around your eyes. They are the most delicate and prone to wrinkles.
  3. Before I go to bed, it is important to freshen up. Meaning, remove all makeup GENTLY. Meaning, no rubbing and very minimal pressure on your face during the process, if any. The secret is not really a secret– use makeup remover.
    1. I use Eye Makeup remover for my eye makeup. I like to use a cotton square or round and put some on it and let it soak on my eye and gently wipe off. A couple of times on this and your eye makeup and mascara is completely removed. Effortlessly.
    2. I use cleansing cream for my face. I gently massage it on my face in small circular strokes and let it work its way in cleansing off the powder, foundation, etc. that I applied earlier. Wet a cotton round with clean water and wipe off. All those muck, clean. Effortlessly. Cleansing daily means less black heads, white heads and clogged pores. *** I have applied these since I started putting on makeup and this has personally worked for me. My classmates and friends have always asked how I “maintain” my skin.***
    3. Moisturize. I moisturize in the morning and evening. This helps your skin hydrate and heal during the night.
  4. Lastly, as a nursing mom, I get full benefits of BREASTMILK! Before bedtime, each night, I wet a cotton round/square with breastmilk and apply it on my face and neck as facemask and leave it on. Sometimes overnight. Breastmilk has natural anti-oxidants, Glutathione, antibacterial and cleansing properties and the like. Try it! It serves as my all in one evening moisturizer now while it lasts. You’ll feel your skin tighten and there’s a different glow 🙂 It’s FREE too!

A healthy diet and lots and lots of water, won’t only make you feel better; your milk flows better as well. Less clogs and plugs! I don’t have a strict diet, nor do I exercise regularly. But breastfeeding two and my daily routine keeps me up and about. Mainly, I eat fish, veggies and unlimited rice. I also love sweets but make sure to not over indulge! (I just had some dark belgian chocolate cake tonight hehe.)